janice jones art

Carol is living-the-dream as a painter, instructor, juror, and lecturer.  
she lives to be creative. She is inspired by things I see around her - a line, a shadow, a texture, a color.  Form and shape and how color masses interact - it's all part of what gets her going in a creative pursuit.

 Carol’s style goes from realism to abstraction.  She loves doing both, but her workshops and private instruction tend to focus on mixed media work, which definitely leans to abstraction.  The artist's creative energy needs to be focused to be successful at abstract work, and that's why she loves it.

This 5-day workshop will feature a series of projects in which we will explore mixed media techniques Carol uses in her paintings. Students can expect to complete one or more paintings per day. You will learn about a variety of materials and techniques, such as preparation of Tyvek, painting on aluminum foil, embossed foils, combusted origami foil, rusted iron paint, making your own unique collage papers, making unique focal medallions using air dry clay and Plaster of Paris, inexpensive substitutes for pricey art materials, and much more. 

Carol will also discuss abstract composition and color theory, various kinds of supports, how to attach collage elements, and presentation options for a finished piece.

Her abstract work is usually done in acrylic and often with mixed media materials such as rice paper, metals, metal foils, and texture mediums.  Many of these paintings often take on a geologic appearance, so I like to call them "geologic abstracts."   Poppies are my favorite flower and you'll find a lot of them here.  Many of my floral paintings have a good deal of surface texture.  Many also contain collage materials for visual interest.

Carol Nelson