janice jones art



(5 ) 140# CP Watercolor Paper

(1) 300# CP Watercolor Paper

(2) *9 x 12 Flat Heavy Cardboard (Cover Board in Plastic put tape only on one side to secure )

Golden Fluid Acrylic

*Napthol Red Light

*Raw Umber

*Ultramarine Blue



*White Gesso

* Black Gesso

*Gloss Medium/ Varnish

* Matte Medium

*Any other colors you want to bring plus Catherine will be supplying some.


*1” Old Flat Brush

(For Gluing)

*1” Flat Brush

*No. 8 Round Brush

*Water Bucket

*Palette Paper

*Paper Towels



*Palette Knife

*Brayer (Hard)



*Black Marker

*1” Masking Tape


If you want to stain more papers please bring a variety of papers you would like to experiment with including oriental papers.



Creating Abstract Art from Collage Papers/SUPPLY LIST

Catherine Mei n

August 7 - 11, 2017

Criossroads Art Center

2016 Staples Mill Road

Richmond, VA