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Creating Abstract Art from Collage Papers/Course Description

Catherine Mei n

August 7 - 11, 2017

Criossroads Art Center

2016 Staples Mill Road

Richmond, VA 

As Abstract painters we will have a lot of fun using our creativity, imagination, intuition and love of color to play like a child and create beautiful things that use form, color, texture, patterns and line to create non-representational works! This is a journey of self discovery to see what you like and what things bring you joy! In this course you will discover a multitude of ways you can express yourself through the use of making collage papers in a myriad of different ways. Fun, simple, creative ways that show you the process of creating is as important as the product we eventually create.  We will to work with textures, stencils, stamps, making your own marks, and working on a series.

$550 for this 5-day Workshop