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Sheryl Williams 

There are alcohol ink artists and THERE ARE ALCOHOL INK ARTISTS, Sheryl falls into the second category.  Her approach to teaching new and innovative techniques using alcohol inks is amazing, creative and ingenious.  There are many new mediums and approaches available today in our art world but the jewel-tone colors of Alcohol Ink are unique and exciting plus people just “love” them.  Many of us have taken classes in using alcohol inks and have learned to enjoy the freedom of what we were told was our inability to totally control them.  That is now in the past, Sheryl will teach us how to apply and control alcohol inks to produce stunning eye-grabbing paintings which any of us would be happy to include in our portfolios.

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Testimonials --

Linda -- I had taken another course prior to this one, but decided to start with the basic class to begin again.  I am glad I did for the new learning experience.  It was wonderful to learn more background about the inks, color combinations and how they function and to make better selections during the process of creating a painting.  It is great to learn to manipulate the inks with more control, as well as to be able to manage a freer style as well.  The techniques were explained in a way that may be duplicated {again and again} …….


Ruth Ann-- I want to thank you also for all of the inspiration and coaching you gave me during the two courses that I have taken.  There were many skills I learned and experienced during the time I was creating. The one thing I will say that the course taught was how to see and take notice a bit more.  To really study and not be so quick to just do.  I guess that can pretty well be applied to anything in life.

I love this style of art and you made it fun as well as challenging.  The accomplishments I made still surprise me!

Deb-- I have taken many courses in both alcohol ink and other mediums.  Sheryl’s classes are by far the best I have taken.   Her passion for her student’s success is above and beyond the amount of information and detail way exceeds even the art courses I’ve had while attending the Art Institute.  I would highly recommend her classes to everyone.  There truly isn’t a better course out there.